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This photo is one of 1300 images that I captured for a time-lapse sunset at the Inn at the Market.


My interest/obsession (keeping me from other photo projects) over the last few months has been experimenting with time-lapse photography. My technique is to use a remote intervalometer on my Nikon D90 to shoot thousands of photos in sequence. This has been one of the most challenging techniques that I have ever worked on. It is extremely frustrating when you spend 3 hours shooting a sunset and find out one single setting was wrong and you have nothing. I did get to enjoy a nice sunset at least. I am close to getting the results that I want and will post a video soon.



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Cemetery Tree

I had driven past this tree in West Seattle many times before arriving on a day where the light, clouds, and wind were just right (yes, I do carry my camera with me most of the time). A 20 second exposure was required because of my dark IR filter. This allowed me to capture some amazing movement blur in the clouds.

Cemetery Tree – 2007
Seattle, WA
F/5.0 – 20sec. – 200/ISO
Nikon D80 – Hoya R72 IR Filter

Infrared Photography

I use an infrared filter (Hoya R72) on my digital camera to transform ordinary places into unique winterscapes. With the infrared filter, green leaves and grass that reflect the infrared light spectrum appear as bright white. A long exposure is often required for the images creating an appearance of movement in the clouds and trees.



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Two Rivers

Lush green rivers and waterfalls are my favorite nature subjects. I have found many serene locations around the pacific northwest and in the rocky mountains of Colorado. This photo was taken just outside of Idaho Springs, Colorado. I was interested in the two rivers combining and the unique red tones of the background elements. A neutral density filter was used to allow a longer exposure creating the milky movement style in the water.



[email protected] (Mark B. Bauschke Photography) Colorado Northwest long exposure nature nikon. d80 river serene Wed, 13 Jan 2010 10:15:25 GMT
Publix Hotel

I have been fortunate to be one of the few people allowed access into the abandoned Publix Hotel. The six-story Publix Hotel is a run down building located in Seattle’s international district. It was officially closed in August, 2003 due to the overwhelming costs of repairs to the decaying structure. Very little has changed inside the structure since the tenant evictions 8 years ago.



[email protected] (Mark B. Bauschke Photography) Urbex Wed, 13 Jan 2010 10:11:22 GMT
The Wire

I am fascinated with urban payphones and have started capturing photos of them around the city. Many of the phones have been removed since I started the series two years ago. I will have several more images from the series posted soon.



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Lost World



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