I have been fascinated with photography ever since I received my first 35mm film camera when I was sixteen. From the beginning I enjoyed seeing worlds invisible to the naked eye, the ability to manipulate time & the opportunity to share unique places and perspectives.

My work is influenced by much more than the other artists I admire, my inspiration comes from music, motion pictures, my travels around the world, walking the downtown streets of Seattle. The visual artists that inspire me include Arnold Newman, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Gilad Benari and an amazing sculptural artist and friend John Grade.

I balance out two very different worlds of photography. My commercial work includes portraits, architecture, and a large amount of food and restaurant photography. On the other side, my personal work consists of digital infrared, urban decay and exploration, cityscapes, nature landscapes, digital art, and my most recent obsession-pay phones.

I am also now working in video production, shooting, editing and directing a wide range of projects at Creative Media Alliance. My passion for cameras and all things visual are a perfect match for video - especially now that Digital SLRs are being used for movies and high quality stills are being pulled from video cameras. I am thankful to be working and creating art in the medium that has helped shape my life.

Mark B. Bauschke